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Cadright Architecture

Cadright Architecture

At Cadright Architecture, we run a global network of star architects delivering star projects for star clients! We actually do believe that what we do is a high divine calling and therefore we do not take service delivery lightly. Because of this, intentional approach to excellence, we pride ourselves in

running the most organized, complete and sustainable design-and-build operation made up of experts from over 20 countries representing six continents, all operating a carefully formulated consulting model that transcends geography and time.

Our vision is to be a leading Architecture and project management consortium delivering world-class environmental services with diligent precision. 

Working with diverse groups across multiple disciplines, over a combined period of 24 years, we have evolved through research and practice, a viable business model that ensures we serve the needs of the present while ensuring the ability of future generations to provide their own needs.  With every next brief we receive, we see another opportunity to serve as co-creators with the divine Architect who formed the very foundations of what we now call life. We consider ourselves truly priviledged to partake in forming the habitations and lifestyles of humankind within what we call our earth today.

Little wonder then, our designs are birthed from sound philosophies hovering around the principles of balance, and oneness with the ALL. We believe we were not called to do everything, or anything, but omething!

We have found this “something” and that is; to bring positive change to the world via Architecture! and we are it with the dedication of a trustee to an assignment. It is our gift to the world and we will be remembered for it!

Find us and let’s build something our children will be proud of!

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