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Discover how Cadright ICT can empower your business with exceptional software consulting solutions

Software Development

Whether its mobile, web or AI, we have built it before and can definitely provide you tech support to build out your current brief

Worldwide Consulting

We provide expert advice and services to government agencies, private companies and stakeholders in diverse industries

Website Development

We help our broad spectrum of clients visualize and achieve a confident online presence via professional websites that drive sales

IT Training

500 + tech trainees graduated annually, we deliver tailored professional coaching for aspiring tech career followers


About Us

Cadright IT Services, is a leading IT giant delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses to enhance their operational efficiency, improve customer experiences, and drive sustainable growth in the digital age.

With our comprehensive range of services and a global team of seasoned professionals, we aim to transform corporate landscapes by leveraging the power of technology.

Bespoke IT Consulting

With over 15 years of rendering professional I.C.T services across corporate Africa, we are well positioned as your IT partners of choice

Win online with Us

From building a professional website for your business to automations, online payments, and artificial intelligence we got you covered.


We leverage the latest technologies and industry best practices to ensure that our solutions are future-proof, scalable, and deliver measurable outcomes


As a client-centric organization, we prioritize transparency, open communication, and long-term partnerships. We consider ourselves an extension of your team

Why Cadright?

We are positioned for long-term growth and strong returns from our North American and African based operations.

Global Reach

Pulling together resource consultants from over 9 countries, we are undisputably your best choice for ICT services.

500+ Innovative Solutions Delivered

One of the pecks of being around for a while is that there is hardly a project we haven't worked on before. We will guide your business to success!

People Inspire Us

Renewable energy (solar panels and batteries), Health care (x-rays and anti-bacterials), Electric Vehicles, Computers, Smartphones


We take time to truly understand your business objectives and tailor our services to meet your specific needs. 



We believe in the power of collaboration. Our team of dedicated professionals works closely with you to develop customized strategies and solutions that align with your business goals. 



We protect our people, places and planet, develop quality resources and growth plans and deliver impactful results through team work.

Global Footprint

At Cadright Global, we combine technical expertise with a passion for innovation and a global network of partners to deliver exceptional solutions that pull businesses forward from anywhere on Earth!

Welcome AI

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate your business

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Environmentally Conscious 

//: Writing code that is optimized for performance and resource utilization, designing algorithms and data structures that minimize computational complexity, Implementing strategies to efficiently manage system resources, such as memory, disk space, and network bandwidth, leveraging cloud infrastructure and services, incorporating sustainability considerations throughout the software development lifecycle, from requirement analysis to testing and deployment. Timeliness, creativity and relationships are our strong points.

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what drives us

Our mission is to empower African businesses with cutting-edge IT solutions to bridge the technology gap between emerging markets and developed markets

Our vision is to be a distinguished player in the global tech space. Our software development services go beyond the ordinary, encompassing a wide range of technologies and platforms.

We believe it takes more than writing codes to build great solutions. We love to include the extra pinch of details. It always makes a difference!

Innovation, Customer-Centricity, Quality, team work, Adaptability,
Continuous Learning, Agility, Inclusivity and Diversity and Sustainability

Loyal customers, always happy!

Mobirise Website Builder

School Management Solution

Ridgeview Academy
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Platform for Freelance Architectural visualization services

Platform for Freelance Architectural visualization services

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Platform for Freelance Architectural visualization services

Real Estate and Interior Vendors

Standards Archetype Ltd
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Solar Cities Reform Initiative NGO

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Health Management Solution

BetterHealth NG
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Mobirise Website Builder

School Management Solution

Lightgates Educational
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Architecture and construction company

Dezignstreet Ltd
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Local / International Flight booking

Danza Travels
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Household Accessories Showroom

Bathroom Solutions
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Early years Educational Institution

Brainchild International School
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Mobile Applications

That idea of yours can be built. We understand what it takes and we can see it to deployment

Enterprise Solutions

We build, deploy and manage cutting-edge enterprise solutions that help our clients maximize earnings, across multiple platforms

Schedule Staff Training

With over 15 years of professional I.C.T services across corporate Africa, we are greatly poised to bring the weight of our expertise to bear in training your staff on ICT related topics.

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All great ideas start with sharing. Lets discuss your vision and work together to achieve your dreams


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Professional IT Services.

Nigeria | UK | India | United States
Plot No 2 Nkaa drive, off Dominion city main headquarters, Newhaven extension, Enugu state Nigeria

Suites D7/D8 Abode valley estate, Potheri, Kathankullathur, Chennai, India.

+234(0)81-416-811-89 (NG)
+91-7200-331-091 (IN)
+1(772)00-3-888  (US)

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Our Vision
  • Our vision is to be a distinguished player in the African first and the global tech space. Our software development services go beyond the ordinary, encompassing a wide range of technologies and platforms.
  • From mobile applications to enterprise software, we have the capabilities to develop tailored solutions that meet your unique requirements.
  • Our team stays up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices to ensure that our software is robust, scalable, and future-proof.

Create your next Project with us

Discover how Cadright I.C.T can empower your business with exceptional software development and consulting solutions

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